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Titles of PhD projects currently undertaken with the fusion programme at Culham by students at various universities

Engineering & technology

Advanced superconductors for novel tokamak design
Monte Carlo techniques to look at fusion breeder blanket neutronics
Heat transfer in high heat flux nanofluid cooling
Health management for nuclear fusion neutral beam systems
Materials study for high heat flux applications within fusion research
Innovative vacuum leak testing techniques for fusion
Hypervapotrons: high heat flux components

Materials science

Material migration in the MAST tokamak
Neutron cross-section measurements for validation of nuclear data for fusion
Modelling the effects of electronic excitations on radiation damage in insulating materials
Experimental investigation of microstructural evolution and embrittlement of candidate materials for fusion power plants
First principles modelling of dislocations in BCC metals
Modelling and control of the ductile brittle transition temperature shift in Eurofer97
Radiation behaviour of High-Entropy Alloys for Fusion reactor environments
SiC for fusion power applications

Plasma physics

Simulations of Scrape Off Layer Filaments
Modelling and interpretation of edge plasma phenomena in magnetically confined plasmas
Plasma Eruptions in the MAST and JET tokamaks
Fast collective phenomena arising from energetic particle populations
Modelling of JET Electron Cyclotron Emission Data
Electron thermal transport in the presence of global MHD modes and transport barriers in MAST Plasmas
Fast data analysis and real-time interpretation on MAST
Turbulence simulations and measurements
Link between the theory of explosive instabilities and ELM data from MAST
Influence of toroidal plasma rotation on small scale turbulence in a tokamak plasma
Influence of compressional Alfvén wave dynamics on small scale turbulence in a toroidal plasma
Electron Bernstein Waves in MAST
Study of momentum transport and ion temperatures on MAST
The impact of transient phenomena and their mitigation on the scrape off layer plasma in MAST
Numerical modelling of highly radiative tokamak plasmas
Gyrokinetic modelling of fast ion transport and Alfvén waves in fusion plasmas
Gyrokinetic turbulence simulations
Multiscale Gyrokinetic Modelling of Turbulent Tokamak Plasmas
Investigation of the transport properties of high pressure plasmas in MAST


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